Artists of the Day- Jake and Dino Chapman (click on image to see more)

The Chapman brothers again. They are known for their pretty scary work in a variety of mediums. But I found some things that I found quite delightful! The first is a series of small sculptures…most of them from cardboard and paint. They are all titled Hell Sixty Five Million Years Ago. They remind me of Picasso sculptures. Not so ‘hellish’ at all. Tomorrow…’Exquisite Corpse

Artists of the Day- Jake and Dino Chapman:redux (click on image for more)

We used to do Exquisite Corpse in grade school. You folded a piece of paper into 3 equal parts. The first person drew a head of some sort, the second a body, the third the legs. All of this was done without the participants involved seeing the work. It was lots of fun and the results were ridiculous but also surprisingly creative. Here’s the Chapman’s take on the project...and a link with directions

You could post your results on Facebook! It’d be fun to see some results!



Artist of the Day- Sarah McEneaney (click on image to see more)

McEneaney is 62. She lives and works in Philadelphia. I think what’s interesting about her is that at first sight she seems a Grandma Moses type…but she did go to art school and I think it shows. Her titles are kind of tongue in cheek, her paintings are surprisingly sophisticated when you really look. So…really look! ( I love her self portrait in the bathing cap)

Artists of the Day- Picasso and Braque (click on image to see more)

I’ve never been a big fan of Cubism. Oh…I think it’s an important part of art history. I appreciate it on an intellectual level but it’s always left me a bit cold. Maybe it’s the lack of color…all that brown and grey. Maybe it’s the endless, unreadable boxes. I remember going to a huge Picasso show at MOMA with many rooms of his Cubist paintings. It was overwhelmingly dreary. Never mind. Picasso and Braque worked together…competitively…but together on the development of Cubism. The first two are by Braque. The following three by Picasso.

Artist of the Day- Cezanne (click on image to see more)

Here’s Cezanne. He was a Post-Impressionist and an artist who influenced Picasso and Braque in their search for a new art form. His small, flat, brush strokes were organized to achieve a new kind of perspective. Picasso called him the father of Cubism.Here’s Cezanne. He was a Post-Impressionist and an artist who influenced Picasso and Braque in their search for a new art form. His small, flat, brush strokes were organized to achieve a new kind of perspective. Picasso called him the father of Cubism.

Artist(s) of the Day- WOW(world of wearableart) click on image for more

I traveled over to the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem MA and saw the WOW exhibit. And...Wow! So fun. Fabulous costumes made of many unexpected materials. The rules of the competition is that the clothes must be wearable. The wearer must be able to move in them. There is an accompanying video which says so much more than the mannequins in the show. I've attached a link to one of the many videos of the show. Watch some...very Cirque de Soleil.

Artist of the Day- George Baselitz (click on image to see more)

OK…so here’s what I like about the painter George Baselitz. I like that his images are so varied…his ‘style’ seems to change with each painting. That inconsistency makes his work hard to recognize and to understand but I know that often, successful artists feel trapped in their success. That said I have really no understanding of what this work is about…upside down figures…so disconcerting. I think it’s because they are so ‘readable’ that you want to turn them ‘right side up’! Anyway…I’ve tried to choose images that express the differences. Do your best to make sense of them.

Artist of the Day- Paul Gauguin (click on image to see more)

Paul Gauguin was a post impressionist known for his extravagant use of color and his somewhat scandalous lifestyle. He spent a difficult summer with Van Gogh in Arles and ended his life in the Marquesas. These paintings are from his time in Tahiti and the Marquesas. One of them is a self portrait…where he has portrayed himself as Christ. Hmmmm

Artist of the Day- Paul Strand (click on image to see more)

I first saw a Paul Strand photo when I was maybe 12 in the book The Family of Man. That book...I looked through those photographs over and over. I found them astonishing...I don't know why...maybe because many of the photos were intriguing, story-telling pictures. Strand's photo of the blind woman quite shocked me. The photo of those beautiful Italian young men...I remember looking back and forth at them...seeing the family resemblance...wondering who was oldest. 

Artist of the Day- Sir Stanley Spencer (click on image to see more)

Spencer's works often express his fervent if unconventional Christian faith. This is especially evident in the scenes that he based in Cookham which show the compassion that he felt for his fellow residents and also his romantic and sexual obsessions. From wiki

I just love these paintings by Stanley Spencer! They are complex compositions full of religious fervor! Rhythmic and often patterned they offer an opportunity to look and look.



Artists of the Day- More Russians!!!(click on image to see more)

Here are 2 more artists from the Russian Revolution show at the National Gallery in London. Felix Maliavin and Boris Kustodiev. I don't know much about them but I really liked their felt so lively and full of movement. (Hopefully the first three will be Maliavin and the last three Kustodiev. The figure is a self portrait of Kustodiev. This first painting is a knock out! Just huge and full of action. You feel like you are on board!!!

Artist of the Day- James Rosenquist (click on image to see more)

Rosenquist died on Friday, March 31 at the age of 83.  He studied for a year in New York on a scholarship at the Art Student’s League and then moved on to being a billboard painter by day and an abstract expressionist at night.  At some point he decided to combine his ‘work’ images into his personal work. While he is always considered a pop artist…I think that the way he combines pieces of objects together often creates a real surrealist painting too.

Artist of the Day- Jim Dow (click on image to see more)

I went to high school with James…and then to art school with him. He was a couple years ahead of me and a very good friend to both me and my husband. I haven’t seen him in probably 45 years…how does this happen? He even lives but an hour’s drive away. He photographs buildings and places…not people. He works in series’. The series I’ve chosen is of taco trucks. I love street food but rarely have a chance to eat it living as I do in rural NH. I think these photos are ‘yummy’.  They capture street life…especially at night!

Artist of the Day- Isaac Brodsky (click on image to see more)

We just returned from London where we saw an exhibit at the Royal Academy of work from the Russian Revolution. It was a packed show. Too many pieces. Too many people. None the less...I did learn a lot and found the work of Isaac Brodsky pretty wonderful. I've included the following from the exhibit information because I realized how little I knew about the arts in Russia under Lenin.

During these years of tremendous upheaval and turmoil, the liberal or left-leaning intelligentsia experienced a wave of euphoria and optimism. There was a tremendous sense of throwing off the shackles and restrictions of nineteenth-century, personal, subjective, ‘bourgeois’ art. Artists and theoreticians rejected all its aesthetic and cultural and moral values in the name of creating a completely new art which would be for the people, the masses, communal art, popular and accessible art which would depict the exciting possibilities of the New Society everyone would build together. This led to radical new ways of seeing and creating, the cross-fertilisation of traditional artistic media with new forms, an explosion of avant-garde painting, music, architecture, film, agitop theatre for workers in factories and so on.


Artist of the Day- Egon Schiele (click on image to see more)

Schiele is known for his ...sometimes... erotic life drawings. Man could he draw! There is a looseness and ease to his lines. His mark making is so recognizable. I've included a couple of self portraits. His images are somehow so troubling. Schiele began art school at 16.He was mentored by the artist Gustave Klimt.He died of the Spanish Flu when he was 28, three days after his wife who was pregnant with their first child.

Artist of the Day- Eva Hesse (click on image to see more)

Hesse really only worked as an artist for a decade. Her influence on feminist, conceptual art is still felt in the art world. While she began as a painter, graduating from Yale in 1958, she worked as a textile designer. She began to work with fiber and plastic, string, wire, rubber, fiberglass and rope. She created large, delicate, ephemeral pieces that seem very much related to feminism though I can’t say why.

Read a little about her. She’s an interesting subject.