Artist of the Day-Barkley Hendricks (click on image to view individually)

Hendricks died this year at 72. I’d never even heard of him. Maybe that’s because I live in whitey white New Hampshire…maybe because I’m out of the mainstream living in Northern New England. Hendricks taught for years at Connecticut College…both loved and feared by his students. He is famous and has work in museum collections here and abroad. I love his white backgrounds and black faces! He said that he wasn’t a political painter…that he painted because he enjoyed it. He painted people who interested him. These portraits interest me!

Artist of the Day-Bernhard Lang (click on image to view individually)

“ Photographer Bernhard Lang took these amazing aerial photos while strapped underneath ultralight planes. Somehow his images manage to capture beauty in the most unlikely of places—whether he is taking pictures of container ports, car parks or even open pit coal mines.” You should continue viewing his work. Just Google him. I haven’t labeled them. You might be horrified if I had. Then you wouldn’t have looked at the photos as ‘art’ but as a reminder of the concerns of our crowded planet.



Artist of the Day- Don Williams (click on image to view individually)

Don Williams lives in Deerfield and teaches at UNH. He makes both sculptural and functional pottery. Some of his sculpture pieces are on view at the Kelley Stelling gallery in Manchester. These pieces feel very get the sense of concrete and rebar and also of rubble. Some pieces include found objects...maybe from the dump or found at the side of the road. While their scale is small their impact is large. This new gallery is showing Williams' work along with that of Jamie Johnston and Boyan's the rub...It's only up through this Sunday, January 14th. Don't miss it! It's a terrific show!

Artist of the Day- Jamie Johnston (click on image to view individually)

Jamie Johnston lives in Maine. His work is really interesting and beautifully constructed. Using bits and pieces of leftover wood he creates wall pieces that are elegant and spare. I would own one if I could afford it! His work is on view at the Kelley Stelling gallery in Manchester. This new gallery is showing work by Don Williams, Jamie Johnston and Boyan Moskov...BUT...only through Sunday, January 14th. So hurry over and take a look!

Artist of the Day- Jamie Johnston (click on image to view individually)

Jamie Johnston lives in Maine. He has had a career as a master carpenter and now creates beautiful elegant wall pieces that are carefully constructed from leftover bits of wood. I would own one if I could afford it! His work is on view at the Kelley Stelling gallery in Manchester NH. This new gallery is showing work by Johnston, Don Williams, and Boyan Moskov. But Hurry! It's only up through this Sunday, January 14th. Get yourself down there!!!!

Artist of the Day-Alexandra Steiguer(click on image to view individually)

De Steiguer is a photographer. She is the winter keeper for the Isle of Shoals, 7 miles off the coast of Maine/NH. She gets dropped off in November on Star Island and then gets picked up in April. She’s been doing this for 19 winters. She is alone on the island. Her description of the constant wind and occasional nor’easter that takes off roofing tiles and breaks windows would make me crazy… but her solitude produces these wonderful photographs.

Artist of the Day- Brassai (click on image to view individually)

Brassai was a French photographer…well actually Hungarian/French. He settled in Paris between the wars. There were many young artists and writers flocking to Paris at the time and Brassai was friends with many including Dali, Picasso, Matisee and Giacometti. He had a job as a journalist which led him to add photos to his articles and then to just photography.



Artist of the Day- Becky Yazdan (click on image to view individually)

NEW YEAR /2018

As I rather tenuously step into the new year, I am struck by the variety of ways artists pursue their work. Sometimes their thoughts and ideas are more interesting than the pieces they create. While I try my best not to dwell on the written portion of this blog…sometimes what they write is so insightful about both the artist and his or her work. As I proceed warily through the year I will hold on to the images and thoughts of creative people. It may be the BEST that the year has to offer.

Becky Yazdan’s statement

Each of my paintings tells a story. They are based on things I see, read about, and watch on TV, as well as memories of events, feelings and colors – the pink of my favorite childhood bathing suit, the first time I told a lie. Color, form and pattern combine to become conversations, expressions, and events. When I paint I try to find the balance between intuition and intellect, so that the process of painting becomes an active dialogue with the phenomena of nature. By not dictating the end result I am receptive to a deeper understanding of the world around me. The paintings are like dreams – the events of the day reorganized and combined with other events and memories until a new, often surprising, reality has taken shape. 

Artist of the Day- Bonnie Seeman (click on image to view individually)

When I first saw Seeman’s work in a gallery I was so enthusiastic. There were 3 pieces and they were so rich with surface and color and texture. But then as I pursued her work online there was this really creepy feeling of guts and gore and it all became just too much. This is not a criticism. It’s always impressive when a piece of artwork (especially when it’s considered ‘craft’) moves you in some way.



Artist of the Day- Lisa Breznak-(click on image to view individually)

The small gold pieces…and they really  are TINY…less than 6 inches. Breznak says…” Working most often in miniature, I like the pieces to play with the power of scale and refute ideas and prejudice of size. “

She works in clay that she then covers in gold leaf. This makes the works seem somehow precious …like something you’d like to carry in your pocket and set on a shelf when you get home.

Artist of the Day: Anicka Yi

Anicka Yi was born in Seoul, South Korea. She was the winner of the Hugo Boss Prize in 2016. Please watch this video. It’s 3+ minutes long…which I know, is a long time. It really explains Anicka Yi’s process and ideas. With contemporary art it is often so difficult to explain. Without being in the space much is lost…sound, smell, movement. I love the ants!!!

Artist of the Day: Nix+Gerber

Nix+Gerber are a team of artists who make fabulous dioramas!
They do this for businesses and for their personal artwork.
This video shows the 'making of' 6 little winter scenes done for a
Los Vegas hotel. I think the final display is disappointing...toooooo
much! But I would love to have just the diorama.
Happy Holidays!!!!

Please consider making a donation to the Kimball Jenkins School of Art. This place is pretty wonderful, offering a variety of cultural activities along with art classes for both children and adults. It is unsung, unrecognized, under appreciated but full of opportunities! Think about contributing and also …Spread the word!

— Artist of the Day Blogger