Artist of the Day- Gregory Kloehn (click on image to see more)

So…these little houses are created by an artist. They’re made from bits of junk that he puts together to make homes…for the homeless….for less than $100. He offers workshops. I wish he was here! Wouldn’t this be so much fun and so rewarding?!

If you watch this little youtube you’ll get the idea. You can google more about the project but there’s not much information on Kloehn.


Artist of the Day- William Merritt Chase (click on image to see more)

Went to the MFA for the William Merritt Chase show this past weekend. Wow! I've always liked his work but this new look at him was well worth the trip. Chase worked hard, depended on teaching to pay the bills, was loved by his students...especially the female ones who appreciated that he took them seriously. He had 4 daughters who were in and out of his studio and often appeared in his paintings. I just really like him!!! My favorite piece in this collection is the pastel of the woman on the beach with all those chairs!!! One of the museum goers said it was like Jazz!



Artist of the Day- Paul Nash (click on image to see more)

My sister-in-law Cindy sent me a frustrated email after visiting an exhibit of Nash’s work at the Tate in London. She couldn’t understand what was so great about it. She read all the tags beside each piece but remained unclear about why the work was there.

Nash is considered by art critics to be one of England’s great landscape painters…alongside Constable!

While I find the work dark and depressing…I am always impressed by what an anti war statement it makes. Nash said, “I am no longer an artist, I am a messenger to those who want the war to go on forever …and may it burn their lousy souls.”






Artist of the Day- Doris Salcedo (click on image to see more)

‘Art cannot explain things but it can expose them – that’s why art here is so important and necessary,’ says Doris Salcedo .

The Colombian sculptor’s works are poetic memorials to the victims of violence, corruption and displacement, created to give the people of her home city ‘the tools of mourning’

  “Time—the ephemerality of the project itself, how roses are alive and they wilt—the poetry of that is definitely there, but also the universal symbol of a rose as an offering to someone, normally, an offering of love.” 

I find It difficult to post Installation artists. Photographs of the work rarely do them justice. You really need to be in the space to feel the impact and to ‘get’ what’s going on. I’ve carefully chosen these pieces because they seem to ‘read’ well. I hope the above quotes will also help to give some context to the work.





Artist of the Day- Ali Banisadr (click on image to see more)

Ali Banisadr

He is Iranian born, fled with his family as a child. Now lives in Brooklyn. His favorite painting is Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights…and it shows.

These paintings are pretty amazing to me…lush and full of sound which plays a big part in his work. He has a condition called Synthesia ‘For example, someone with synesthesia can hear colors, feel sounds and taste shapes. “ Oh the things I learn through research! Who Knew!!!

Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights is the 3 paneled one.

Artist of the Day- George Tooker (click on image to see more)

 I frequently write about paint…the way it’s applied, how it feels gooey, textural, gestural. In Tooker’s work those aspects seem totally unimportant. It is all about the image. Nothing else matters. The paint is merely a vehicle to explain the image. The images are arresting to say the least. Despite their creepy quality there is a glow that often warms the surface. He lived in NY most of his life,  and then moved with his partner to Vermont where he painted till the end of his life in 2011.




Artist of the Day- Susan Lirakis (click on image to see more)

Susan Lirakis is a New Hampshire photographer. She takes amazing photographs. Blacks like velvet…whites like cream! She captures atmosphere. It’s absolutely arresting! I own a small one. So delighted to have it. Go to her website and have a look!!!

Susan Lirakis is a New Hampshire photographer. She takes amazing photographs. Blacks like velvet…whites like cream! She captures atmosphere. It’s absolutely arresting! I own a small one. So delighted to have it. Go to her website and have a look!!!




Artist of the Day- Ann Craven (click on image to see more)

One of the things I love about doing these posts is discovering an artist new to me. In this case I was sort of…eh…maybe…what’s the big deal… But I diligently began the research and after 15-20 minutes I was IN LOVE! Sometimes it takes a lot of looking…and reading. Her description of painting small canvases of moon rises…lining up the prepared canvases on easels in Maine where she works part of the year…and quickly over a couple hours producing 4 or 5 of the glowing paintings. She talks about her love of oil paint and how at home she feels with it. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her work.

Artist of the Day- Fiona Hall (click on image to see more)

Fiona Hall is an Australian artist chosen to represent her country at the Venice Biennale in 2015. For this event she created an installation but I have chosen some smaller more intimate works to show. Often installations don’t photograph well and are frustrating to try and interpret. While researching I realized I’d seen many of her beautiful ‘sardine can’ pieces in London at the British Museum several years ago. 



Artist of the Day- Abraham Mintchine (click on image to see more)

I like these paintings.

They remind me of Marc Chagall, another Russian Jew who settled and painted in Paris at around the same time.  I can see both their Russian and Jewish backgrounds in their work.

Abraham Mintchine was born in the Ukraine in 1898.. He left Russia in 1923 and moved to Berlin where he designed costumes and sets for the Jewish theatre. In 1925 he moved to Paris. He was penniless with a wife and child but managed to find an art dealer who bought a bunch of his paintings. His health suffered …he continued to deprive himself for his family and died in 1931.

The first painting is a self portrait of the artist as a harlequin.


Artist of the Day- Tom Lieber (click on the image to see more)

Tom Lieber is an internationally recognized abstract painter. His work is contemplative, subtle in configuration and color and powerfully emotive. A recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant, his work is included in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, SFMoMA, the Tate Gallery London and the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, among others. This is a quote from a gallery write up. 

This work is so expressive. It looks like so much fun to do!!!




Artist of the Day- Kevin Beers (click on image to see more)

I know Beers’ work from my years visiting Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine. The light on the island is remarkably clear. He is able to capture that quality of light really beautifully. He paints constantly when he’s on island…usually at the end of the day or very early in the morning. These are the times when the shadows are long and deep and the color is at its richest.


Artist of the Day- Martin Mull (click on image to see more)

I was friends with Mull when we were students at RISD. He was miles ahead of most of us. He was a fine musician…played guitar and was oh so funny. He made a few albums, starred on several TV series and never stopped painting. The work here refers to the past…my childhood…and leaves the viewer feeling anxious. I think it’s the combination of the passive, 50s image juxtaposed with some sort of threatening, disconcerting one.