Artist of the Day- Sandy Skoglund (click on image to view more)

This is some more recent work by this artist. She is both a photographer and a sculptor…and I guess an installation artist. Anyway, I have always enjoyed her work. There is whimsy and humor and also social commentary. These arrangements of peas and carrots, plaid cookies on a plaid plate on a plaid tablecloth may suggest obsessiveness but also a playfulness. I’ve also included a couple of earlier works for comparison.

Artist of the Day- Jill Loukup (click on image to view more)

 "  The intent of my work is to capture the balance that exists at the intersection of opposite elements and to expose underlying similarities in things that are perceived to be fundamentally different. I’m driven by the process of painting contrasts, and by pushing value, color, and texture in a realistic setting. "

Surprisingly, Soukup is known for her paintings of horses, cows and people, usually women on horseback. I found these complicated cityscapes much for interesting.

Artist of the Day- Maude Lewis (click on image to view more)

Perhaps the ‘Grandma Moses’ of Canada. Red River Theatre in Concord NH is showing a movie about this artist’s life till August 6th…I think. The film is not easy. Neither was Maude Lewis’ life. In childhood she developed rheumatoid arthritis and became increasingly incapacitated but never let it keep her from painting.  The acting in the film makes it quite gripping…because nothing much happens…it is simply a study of an artist’s challenging life. Very worth a watch…as is her work.

Artist of the Day- Edvard Munch (click on image to view more)

Munch was a Norwegian painter who we know for his painting, The Scream. Most of the work we know him for is scary and depressing but then there are these. I’m always intrigued by the unknown works of a famous artist. These are good examples. While not ‘cheerful’ they are full of color and energy that is quite different from much of his work. Enjoy!

Artist of the Day- Lawren Harris (click on image to view more)

Lawren Harris was a Canadian painter. His name came up in an article about Steve Martin who admires Harris’ work. He was a member of the Group of 7, a loose group of Canadian painters intent on moving their work towards abstraction. What drew me to this work was how much it reminded me of Rockwell Kent’s work. Kent spent some years painting in Canada. I wonder who influenced who?

Artist of the Day-Mira Gerard (click on image to view more)

“I make paintings of the figure as a way to understand desire, which functions in my work in part as a fantasy about being both subject and maker. â€œ

Mira and I taught together at the Sant Bani School in Sanbornton NH. She was my assistant I guess. Now she's  Chair and Professor of Painting in the Department of Art & Design at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee.  These figure paintings have a strange, ethereal quality…sometimes you can’t quite tell what’s going on. The loose application of paint makes you feel like you’re looking through fog or are underwater.

Artist of the Day- Emilie Brzezinski (click on image to view more)

She is the wife of the recently deceased Zbigniew Brzezinski…jeez what a name…who was National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter and had been involved in politics forever. Their daughter is Mika Brzezinski who co-anchors the Morning Joe show on MSNBC. ANYWAY…Emilie is a sculptor. She works huge…with big trees and 6 or 7 different chain saws and axes. She’s 85 years old! OMG let’s just get over ourselves here. Makes me determined to stop the whining about ‘old age’! Look at them for awhile…they kinda grow on you! (Tee hee)

Artist of the Day- Ralph Bush-Monhegan (click on image to view more)

The Lupine Gallery on Monhegan Island has some beautiful work for sale. It's a small space with steep rickety stairs but it's packed with wonderful paintings. These by Ralph Bush are so active! Big brush strokes, sweeping passages of bright color...this work looks like it was done in minutes...but clearly that's how they LOOK! The ones I've viewed at the Lupine are 6x8". Maybe 8x10"!

Artist of the Day- Andrew Winter- Monhegan (click on image to view more)

Just returned from a week of painting on Monhegan Island. So I’ve been looking at a lot of surf and a lot of rocks. Monhegan is full of artists and has been since the early 1800’s. It’s a tough place to live, especially in the winter. It takes a certain kind of person.  This summer, at the island museum there is an exhibit of work by Andrew Winter. Winter and his wife, Mary Taylor…also a painter… moved to Monhegan after several visits and stayed till his death in 1958. Winter often painted the island in winter…some of my favorites!

Artist of the Day- Tom Curry (click on image to view more)

Tom Curry is a plein aire painter from the coast of Maine. His images will be a lovely reminder as I return from my vacation on Monhegan. He loves islands like I do. Here's a quote...I am drawn to paint both the raw, wild places and the small villages and harbors on the peninsula where I live—working outdoors where I can be in direct contact with the clear, searing light or the dense fog, the heat of the sun or a frigid wind, the sounds of crickets or distant drone of a fishing boat, the smell of salt. I seek to create a powerful and intimate sense—and experience—of these places using layers of saturated color and compositions distilled to bold, elemental forms. 

Artist of the Day- Jamie Johnston(click on image to view more)

Sculpture can often be so difficult to represent. Johnston's work can be seen from time to time at the George Marshall Store Gallery in York Me. These relief sculptures of wood and paint are just beautiful. They are around 20 to 30 inches and about 4 inches deep. There is no way a photo can do them justice! Their surfaces change as you walk by them...but you don't want to walk want to stay!

Artist of the Day- Nichole van Beek (click on image to view more)

Nichole van Beek graduated from the Cooper Union in 1998 and then got a Masters at UC Santa Barbara. She lives in Brooklyn. Here’s a bit from her blog about an upcoming show and summer plans.

The Longest Day opens at Jeff Bailey Gallery in Hudson, NY on June 24 2017 and runs until August 6. Last June I made a collection of sun prints on canvas at the Vermont Studio Center and I've been working into those for the past year. I can't wait to spend July and August in Wyoming at the Jentel residency. I'm thinking of working on some plein air dyeing and wall collages.

Artist of the Day- Qiu Zhijie (click on image to view more)

Chinese…known for his calligraphic work…but I like these looser works better. He has also many map-like paintings in black and white. Who knows what they all mean. Sometimes I just need to look. I’ve included Duchamp’s urinal sculpture as I see a reference to it in one of Qui Zhijie’s paintings…maybe I’m wrong…If it has not been forgotten, then it has been misinterpreted …that’s the title!

Artist of the Day- Guy Corriero (click on image to see more)

I really admire this work. I’ve tried painting big surf…oh dear.

There’s so much to contend with…wind and wet and then those waves that won’t stand still! But to me they all kind of look the same after the first 5 or 6. We’re off to Monhegan Island next week where I watched Corriero paint at Swim beach on a bright autumn day. The tide was incoming but he remained focused as the water lapped at his knees. So fun to watch the painting grow!!! All of these paintings are of Monhegan.



Artist of the Day- Jorge Otero-Pailos (click on image to view more)

Jorge Otero-Pailos works at the intersection of art, architecture and preservation. He is Director and Professor of Historic Preservation at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture in New York. I love maps. They don’t have to be of real places. I love the way they look…and when I travel I love looking at all the places I could stop…but never do. Maps provide an opportunity to travel in your head.

Artist of the Day- Simon Rodia(click on image to view more)

Rodia began constructing the Watts Towers in 1921, but did not complete them until 1954. Born in Italy he emigrated to the US at 15. He married, had kids, divorced and then began the towers. An ‘outsider artist’ he worked with simple hand tools on structural steel and mortar to build and decorated with bits of broken pottery and glass. The towers which are now famous landmarks, were frequently vandalized and eventually Rodia moved from Long Beach to Martinez and apparently never returned to see his work. Here’s an interesting tidbit. His image appears on the Sgt. Pepper album cover…top row, upper right, just behind Bob Dylan. HuH!