Artist of the Day- Mark Rothko (click on image to view individually)

Rothko’s work will be shown at the Museum of Fine Arts beginning September 24. These paintings appear so simple…but they are so moving.

“By 1949 Rothko had introduced a compositional format that he would continue to develop throughout his career. Composed of several vertically aligned rectangular forms set within a colored field, Rothko's "image" lent itself to a remarkable diversity of appearances.

Rothko never abandoned his conviction in the ability of abstract art to be experienced in emotionally expressive terms.”




Artist of the Day!!!- For Monday October 18 Duke Riley returns!!!

On Monday be sure to check in with Artist of the Day. There will be a short video of Duke Riley's Pigeon Project. The one where he got 2000 pigeons to night...with LED lights strapped to their bellies,,,over Brooklyn...and...return...night after night. It's like 12 minutes long...way long...but so worth it. Beautifully filmed, great music, touching moments...hope you'll make time during your oh-so-busy day to have a look. It'll serve you well!

Artist of the Day- Mao Yan (click on image to view individually)

Mao Yan says that his work depicts,"portraits of a generation whose emotions are gradually disappearing."

I am intrigued by the fact that he lives in Beijing and rarely paints an Asian portrait.

Artist of the Day- Fred Wilson (click on image to view individually)

'Wilson's unique artist approach is to examine, question, and deconstruct the traditional display of art and artifacts in museums. With the use of new wall labels, sounds, lighting, and non-traditional pairings of objects, he leads viewers to recognize that changes in context create changes in meaning.' Wilson doesn't see the need to MAKE art. He really rearranges ... and teaches us what we haven't seen. The first image is titled 'Whipping Post'...need I say more...

Artist of the Day- An AHA Moment! (click on image to view individually)

Our 9 year old granddaughter Fiona, was visiting and watching me put together a post several weeks ago. I had put up a Fragonard painting, Girl on a Swing and compared it to a sculpture by Shinebare. She looked at both and said, “Hey! That painting is hanging behind the couch in a scene in Frozen!” I was like…really?! How cool is that. Thank you Hollywood for bringing art to the masses...(I hate Fragonard…but never mind).




Artist of the Day-Goya: Shinebare and the Chapman brothers (click on image for more)

Historically …well…art historically… contemporary artists are often influenced by those who went before. One of those whose images continue to resonate is Goya. His terrifying prints and paintings of man’s inhumanity present a reminder that darkness is ever present. The first image is a contemporary take on Goya’s The Sleep of Reason, the second, by the Chapman brothers is their take on Goya’s Heroic Feat with Dead Men.

Artist of the Day#2-Margery Thomas Mueller (click on image for more)

I was in a workshop with Mueller at North Country Studio Workshops in Bennington NH about 6 years ago. Our teacher, Leonard Ragouzeos introduced us to Yupo paper with india ink. It was a pretty amazing experience for some of us. Mueller has been working in this medium since that time and these pieces…huge pieces…60”x120”.

Her work can be seen at Red Dot, 74 Drew Hill Road,August 26th for the opening reception, 5-7pm

Artist of the Day- Millee Tibbs at MacDowell Colony(click on image for more)

Tibbs was in Nef, the photography studio at MacDowell. She was working on a series of photos of the Matterhorn…fooling around with them…changing the color and value as a sort of exercise. She had about 12 of them pinned up and even pulled out a Toblerone chocolate bar to prove it was the ubiquitous image of the mountain.

Cutting, folding, and sewing onto photographs, and more recently darkroom manipulation, are gestures that I use to break the surface illusion of these images and draw attention to their artifice. By reintroducing the hand into these images, I reiterate that there is little untouched in these spaces.