Artist of the Day- London Fieldworks-(click on image to view individually)

London Fieldworks’ Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven is a sculptural installation drawing on the ecology and biodiversity of two sites on opposite sides of London: Duncan Terrace Gardens in the East and Cremorne Gardens in the West. The installations are constructed from several hundred bespoke bird boxes mounted in two trees of heaven (Ailanthus altissima) and reflect the forms of the surrounding architecture; a combination of Georgian town houses, and 60’s social housing around Duncan Terrace Gardens, and the World’s End Estate adjacent to Cremorne Gardens

Artist of the Day- Hans Krell

Every once in a while when I’m doing research I come to an image that just stops me…something about it that I find arresting. This portrait by Hans Krell who lived between 1490 and 1565 is one of them. This woman is so real! What is she thinking? Not really pretty but someone I know I’d love to engage with. The rest of his portraits…not so much. So this is all you get today!

Artist of the Day- Joyce Kozloff (click on image to view individually)

 Kozloff became known as much for her politics as her work. She advocated against the dominance of a predominantly painterly, male, and overly-conceptual art world, arguing for the patterned and the decorative – with its sense of craft, femininity, repetition, triviality, and a more colorful or traditional “beauty” — as a foil to this status quo. Jack Hartnell

Kozloff has worked with maps for much of her career. I have always found them fascinating. I love technology…google maps etc…but there’s nothing like holding the real thing…or folding it!

Artist of the Day: Chairs!!! (click on image to view individually)

I’m always amazed at how many paintings I see of chairs. Who knew that chairs could have such character. While chairs are not an easy subject they can be very engaging. These are just a few! Well…more than a few…

The artists are…in order Liza Hirst, Kevin Bean, Tom Homewood, Vincent Van Gogh, Gerhard Richter, Julie Ford Oliver, Paul Wright, David Hockney, Richard Diebenkorn

Artist of the Day- Gary Haven Smith (click on image to view individually)

Last week the well known local sculptor died after a short illness. He was 68. He worked with stone on a large scale and could amazingly (to me anyway), give it movement…scrolls, spirals, waves in granite! Great holes in slabs of stone, sitting on pedestals out in a field or a garden, offering a framed view of nature. There is an extensive exhibit of his work on view at the Ogunquit Museum in Ogunquit Maine. He was much loved and admired and will be missed.

Artist of the Day- Jeremy Miranda (click on image to view individually)

Here is a quote from Jeremy Miranda

In my recent work I am interested in creating complex environments that are a hybridization of both interior and exterior spaces. I am influenced by memory, history, domesticity, architecture, landscape and how, when co-mingled, can generate new spatial relationships. I draw from a cache of collected photographs, sketches, plein air studies and memory, and employ an unplanned, intuitive painting process in an attempt to channel an ambiguous spatial narrative.

Artist of the Day- Ron Nagle (click on image to view individually)

In 1966 I graduated from art school and headed for S. F. to join my then boyfriend …my now husband while he studied at his 5th college, Berkeley. I developed a friend ship with a guy teaching pottery at the SF Art institute and was therefore often in the ceramic studio throwing pots.

Ron Nagle was teaching there and producing wonderful, tiny, useless, cups with amazing, shiny, brilliant glazes. I think the part that intrigued me most was the ‘useless’ part. Ceramics=useful. But these tiny cups were so much more!!! And so Nagle has continued…making tiny, gorgeous sculptures.

Artist of the Day- Jill Hoy (click on image to view individually)

While researching the artist Jill Hoy…I came upon another artist Elizabeth Hoy. Huh…I thought. Both had worked under Jon Imber whose work I was familiar with. Eventually I discovered that Imber, who died last year was married to Jill Hoy and  that Elizabeth Hoy was indeed her sister. Whew!! AND another discovery...the first image is titled Codman Portico. My dad was Miss Codman's doctor. Back in the day when doctors made house calls my dad sometimes take me along to Miss Codman's and I would sit on her oh-so- high bed(or so it seemed to a 4 year old) while my dad examined her heart (I guess). He was a cardiologist...old school...gentle.

Jill Hoy paints and moves between Stonington Maine, Massachusetts and NYC.