What is the Big Bicycle Project?

The Big Bicycle Project is a community endeavor put forth by the Kimball Jenkins School of Art and Mill Brook Gallery and Sculpture Garden.  We are challenging the Greater Concord Community to get creative and get involved!


How can I get involved?

Create your own work of Art!

  • Artists of all levels are invited to create an original sculpture from bicycle parts or decorate a bicycle. The finished sculptures will be on display Downtown and around concord from the Spring to the Fall. Deadline April 1st! Please fill out this form so we can count you in!
  • Need fabrication assistance? Check out the Manchester Makerspace
  • Donate a bicycle or bicycle parts for others to create their masterpieces. Call Ryan at 603 225-3932 or email bicycle@kimballjenkins.com to schedule a drop off. 
  • Volunteer - We are planning a plethora of events and exhibits around this project. We could use your help. Call Pam at 603 226-2046 or email artsculpt@mindspring.com.
  • Sponsor the project or an event! Contact kim@kimballjenkins.com for more information


Sign up and let us know what you have planned - April 1st 2017

Deliver your work of Art to the Kimball Jenkins Estate - May 1st-3rd



The Big Bicycle Project is made possible by sponsor