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Annual Fund

The Kimball Jenkins Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a tax-deductible way to support the Arts and to invest in the students, teachers and curriculum of Kimball Jenkins.

Download the Why I Give Brochure here.

Art inspires, enriches and fulfills – the individual, and the community.  That is the mission of the Kimball Jenkins School of Art:  to inspire, enrich and fulfill young and old alike, adding vitality and economic impact to the cultural arts in the Greater Concord community. And that is why the School of Art is an invaluable, irreplaceable community asset, which you help to thrive through your generous support.  

This community distinguishes itself through its strong support of the cultural arts.  We’ve done it for theater (the Capital Center), we’ve done it for music (the Concord Community Music School), and we’ve done it for film (Red River Theater).  Now it’s time to support the visual arts, and contribute to the Kimball Jenkins School of Art.  Can you imagine losing such a beautiful property to private development?  Your support is needed to ensure that never happens! 

  Make A Recurring Monthly Donation

Recurring Monthly Donation

Donate to Kimball Jenkins

  Make A One Time Donation
Donate to Kimball Jenkins

"Kimball Jenkins lets me express my feelings and you can be yourself, you can show yourself in ways you can't really put into words."
Samantha Kirschner age 13

“My first oil painting class at Kimball Jenkins was a birthday gift from my husband.  I always talked about learning to paint 'someday' and he thought why not do it now.  I was very nervous for my first class, not having done any formal art since college.  What a great experience it was. Joe is a great teacher.  He encourages creativity and expression while providing a framework so I never felt lost ... Kimball Jenkins, its instructors and its students, provide a very welcoming community.  It is an encouraging environment where I learn new techniques, practice my skills and experiment with new ideas. That is why, semester after semester, I keep coming  -Alicia Rhoades