The Daily Sketch

The Daily Sketch


The Daily Sketch
Start a daily art practice
Robert Dorr
May 5th 10am - 2pm Bring a lunch

We will be using different methods of taking an inspiration image (I use Pinterest, and have a board of these pictures) and abstracting them, to capture what it was that inspired you.

To do this, I'll be teaching you how to use different materials and supplies. I'll show how you can use rubbing alcohol to make watercolor and chalk pastel separate into special effects. We'll be using clear gesso, gloss varnish, spray enamel, watercolors, gouache, chalk pastel, possibly colored pens, and permanent markers.

Dress to get messy.

Supplies list,
*Spray rubbing alcohol
*blank notebook, (if you want to start your daily practice today. Otherwise, we'll provide paper) about the notebook, don't worry about the quality of the paper. The five dollar ones at Michael's are perfect.
*watercolor set from Michael's $5 I particularly like those paints, they are so versatile. They're halfway between gouache and watercolor, and the colors seperate very nicely.

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