Local Art Classes for Adults

Make your retreat or meeting a little more interesting!

We offer Artistic Workshops to make your company outing more productive and fun.

For more information email Dawn@kimballjenkins.com or call (603) 568-8427

Taking part in creativity workshops helps your team:

  • Solve problems creatively
  • Learn to observe
  • See the bigger picture as well as details
  • Foster openness to new ideas
  • Find innovative ways to find solutions
  • Promotes better communication, trust and respect
  • Improve office morale
  • Develop confidence in expressing oneself

Open Sessions
Up to 12 people
2-3 hours -- Materials Provided
$195 for the 1st 4 people + $30 per additional person
Everyone creates their own unique painting under the helpful guidance of our Instructors. Allowing everyone to paint their own painting lets people show off their individual personalities and viewpoints. When the paintings are completed everyone can talk about their painting. Discuss not only the subject of the painting, but how and why each person went about painting what they painted. Draw workplace parallels by talking about the creative process.
16 x 20 canvas & acrylic paint

2013-05-29 11.30.44_0.jpg

Guided Masterpiece Sessions
"Good artists copy, great artists steal."  - Pablo Picasso
Up to 12 people
2-3 hours
$195 for the 1st 4 people + $30 per additional person
Want more structure? Our Guided Masterpiece sessions, lead by our talented, professional artist are customized to fit  for your group. Choose a painting by a famous artist that relates to your company, core values, or goals for everyone to recreate in a fun and laid back studio environment.  Everyone will leave with their very own master reproduction.
16 x 20 canvas & acrylic paint
Collaborative Painting Examples

Ceramics – Collaborative Sculpture in clay
5-12 people
2-3 hours
$195 for the 1st 4 people, then $30 per additional person
"Good artists copy, great artists steal."  - Pablo Picasso
In this workshop, everyone will learn the basics of clay hand-building, creating sculpture that reflects individuality as well as the group. Working in groups of 4 or 5, participants will work together to create a collaborative, sculptural piece, with clay. Your complete project will be available for pickup 1-3 weeks after your workshop.