Artist of the Day- Joshua Marsh(click on image to view individually)

He is a modern master who draws by feeling his way across the paper without ever knowing what he might do next. His commitment to plain, inexpensive, widely available materials is ethical and aesthetic, and certainly not about promoting class difference or celebrating one’s entrepreneurial shrewdness. Most importantly, his sensitivity to pressure, texture, tonality, and line — to being open and alive in time — is always in service of the possible.” From his website

Artist of the Day- Hilma af Klint (click on image to view individually)

She was a Swedish artist and mystic. She lived from 1862-1944. Her work is being shown at the Guggenheim in NY. Her history is very interesting but as a woman artist she never received much recognition. She produced abstract expressionist paintings several years before Kandinsky and Mondrian. The huge paintings she produced representing the human life cycle were 80 square feet each!

“the show — perhaps the most mind-altering, historically significant event of the year in art — is more interesting than even its headline.”



Artist of the Day- Catherine Graffam (click on image to view individually)

KelleyStellingContemporary in Manchester NH has a great new show of four artists.. You should get there! Today’s featured artist is Catherine Graffam. “By continuing the tradition of oil painting, I am engaging with a medium that has voyeuristically objectified women since it’s conception. My work confronts the viewer as it engages with that history, and additionally humanizes and individualizes my existence through the process of painting.”

Artist of the Day- Euan MacCleod

Euan MacCleod

Born in Christchurch in 1956, Macleod's works explore states of youth and aging, the relationship between the human body and environment, and the process of memory and forgetting.

I find these paintings ominous but beautiful. Art for our time. 

Artist of the Day- David Graeme Baker (click on image to view individually)

Generally this is not my sort of work. But there’s a mystery and a bit of Wyeth I think in the work.

David Graeme Baker is a painter who lives with his wife and two sons in Hancock, Maine. He is a graduate of Wesleyan University and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. David’s contemporary domestic genre scenes are imbued with mystery and tension creating enigmatic narratives that explore our relationships with ourselves and one another. The slower pace and domestic surroundings created by his young family have influenced his work.


Artist of the Day- Judith Scott (click on image to view individually)

.Judith Scott was an internationally renowned American fiber sculptor.[Judith was born into a middle-class family in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1943 along with her fraternal twin sister Joyce. Unlike Joyce, Judith was born with Down Syndrome. During her infancy, Judith suffered from Scarlet Fever, which caused her to lose her hearing, a fact that remained unknown until much later on in her life.

At the age of seven, she was sent to an Ohio state institution where she remained until her sister became her guardian 35 years later. In 1987 Judith was enrolled at the Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, California which supports people with developmental disabilities.

Last year her work was shown at the Venice Biennale!


Artist of the Day- Susie MacMurray Day 3

I think the way she uses/chooses materials gives real meaning to her work. For me there’s a kind of fragility and tenderness, some of which is a response to the materials.

 Collar II/ clear medical tubing, aluminum wire, saddlery thread, fish hooks

Clutch / wax, fish hooks, glass dome

Siblings/ fish hooks, wax, steel pins

 Strange Fruit/ reclaimed military barbed wire, silk velvet,

Boat People/ reclaimed military barbed wire, silk velvet, found wood

Heartbreak/ reclaimed military barbed wire, silk velvet, glass dome


Artist of the Day- Susie MacMurray Day 2

Before turning to art MacMurray was a classical musician which gives a context to the first piece. #1 RESONANCE/ used sheet music manuscripts, thread, staples #2 PROMENADE/ Site specific installation at Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire, 2010 
105 Miles of Fine Gold Embroidery Thread 

Be sure to read the materials list…in italics…so interesting!

Artist of the Day- Susie MacMurray (click on image to view individually)

OMG!!! This work! I am just gob smacked by it. So please bear with me because I can’t show this in one day. She should be ‘Artist of the Week’! Today will be her installation work which will include several views of the same work. #1: DOUBT/Site Specific Installation, Southwark Cathedral, London, Lent 2018 butterfly netting. #2: MASQUERADE/Site Specific Installation, St Albans Museum 2018 silk velvet, raw black wire

hope you can’t wait till tomorrow!