Artist of the Day- Susanna Bauer (click on image to view individually)

These breath-taking pieces of art are made from leaves and wood and sometimes stones to create new pieces of nature using thread to hold –oh-so carefully. Sometimes crochet is added for decoration but more often for structure. Feast your eyes and enjoy this small quote from the artist.

“ the tenderness and tension in human connections, the transient yet enduring beauty of nature that can be found in the smallest detail, vulnerability and resilience that could be transferred to nature as a whole or the stories of individual beings.”

Artist of the Day- Baatarzorig Batjargal (click on image to view individually)

Batjargal draws on the techniques of Mongol Zurag painting to address the broader history of Mongolia’s development over the past century. The Zurag painting style first emerged during the Mongolian independence movement in the early 20th Century. Originally an art form to express the ideals of secular nationalism, today Batjargal has breathed new life into the medium.

  In a rich tapestry of various regimes, the portraits in his recent series include gods, holy men, artists, intellectuals, warriors, noblemen, politicians and oligarchs.

Artist of the Day- Rachael Teannalach (click on image to view individually)

- I like this artist’s work but mostly I was intrigued with the statement I found on her website! It seems brave and exciting!

 My family is currently preparing for a year of living "off the grid" in a shipping container home on the Big Lost River near Challis, Idaho (pictured in the painting above). The home, built by my husband, will include a second level studio where I will be able to paint without distraction for the year. Because of these preparations, I am not exhibiting work regularly right now.

Artist of the Day- Emily Brett Lukens (click on image to view individually)

Emily Brett Lukens says....

My work is about texture. I use resources from nature to create rubbings on thin papers. I use these images to collage and paint mixed media works that represent close-up and far away views of the earth. In my work, time is an element, and I am interested in reconfiguring the ancient, bringing it into a contemporary context.

My work often reflects my Midwest upbringing, where the view is flat land, and travel from one location to another allows the viewer time to study the patterns of the landscape.

Artist of the Day- Eli Smith (click on image to view individually)

Eli Smith’s paintings are very emotive…maybe a bit too emotive for me. It is expressive of anger, frustration, isolation and pain. He says that these are feelings we all share and he hopes it helps for people to be able to identify with these emotions. He paints beautifully. He can make the paint do whatever he wants. But sometimes the figures feel like super hero characters…they lack subtleties. Smith is a young artist. What might his work look like in 20 years?

Artist of the Day- Chad Andrews (click on image to view individually)

Chad Andrews works in silicone polymer…that’s window caulk to you and me. While helping his brother-in-law with a home project he noticed how the caulk held it’s shape…a eureka moment! His large images of heavy equipment makes the comment that no sooner does a tractor or loader come off the assembly line but it begins to deteriorate. Rust appears seemingly immediately…hence the drips down to the floor of the gallery. I am impressed by images of big complicated objects.

Artist of the Day- Cayce Zavaglia (click on image to view individually)

When I saw the title of this article in Artsy I was very skeptical.

These Hyperrealistic Portraits Are Actually Made From Yarn

I thought, crafty, kitch…etc

But…not so! These are actually quite exquisite! Especially the back side! Oh my. The quote below from the artist is do interesting.

“The back feels more like the psychological side of the portrait,” she explained. “We all have two sides. An exterior that we use to face the world, and an interior, which we might not let anyone see—because it’s knotted and messy and tangled.”

Artist of the Day- Joan Curran Wadleigh(click on image to view individually)

This work is both beautiful and disturbing. It speaks to both the environmental and social issues of our time. While there are no people...the implication of their presence is everywhere.

“I examine the instability of our contemporary environment as an indicator of our values.  My intention is use convincing description, lush color and arresting composition to seduce the viewer and subtly undercut beauty with the unexpected, unsettling and provocative

Artist of the Day- Anna Bjerger(click on image to view individually)

Anna Bjerger seeks meaning where there is none and uses her findings to uncover realities that otherwise would have never existed. The point of departure in Bjerger’s paintings is found, anonymous photographs. The people who populate her images share something indefinable. Perhaps the fact that they were once depicted by a camera, that their sole purpose is to fill up a pictorial space, to match a surrounding