Artist of the Day- Robert Rauschenberg

A painter, photographer, printmaker, choreographer, onstage performer, set designer and, in later years, even a composer, Mr. Rauschenberg defied the traditional idea that an artist stick to one medium or style. He pushed, prodded and sometimes reconceived all the mediums in which he worked.

 Let’s take Robert Rauschenberg in pieces. The list above is a reminder that this prolific artist was not to be pinned down to one art form. This time around we’ll look at his collaged prints. Silkscreening old newspaper photos, he juxtaposed them together as social commentary. He then began to add broken down cardboard boxes, old quilts from dumpsters, tires and stuffed birds. Some pieces could hang on the wall and others became sculptures.

His work seems process driven. There’s a happenstance to it that is filled with the exuberance of someone enjoying the ‘process’ of creating art!