Artist of the Day- Doris Salcedo (click on image to see more)

‘Art cannot explain things but it can expose them – that’s why art here is so important and necessary,’ says Doris Salcedo .

The Colombian sculptor’s works are poetic memorials to the victims of violence, corruption and displacement, created to give the people of her home city ‘the tools of mourning’

  “Time—the ephemerality of the project itself, how roses are alive and they wilt—the poetry of that is definitely there, but also the universal symbol of a rose as an offering to someone, normally, an offering of love.” 

I find It difficult to post Installation artists. Photographs of the work rarely do them justice. You really need to be in the space to feel the impact and to ‘get’ what’s going on. I’ve carefully chosen these pieces because they seem to ‘read’ well. I hope the above quotes will also help to give some context to the work.