Artist of the Day- Michel Delgado (click on image to view individually)

From Senegal, Delgado is a self-taught artist living in Florida and Philadelphia. Here is a quote from his website.

Delgado says that we have no choice but to play the unfolding game of our lives, whether we understand the rules or not. This is a recurring theme in Delgado's art, a sort of yin and yang of existence; what he calls the sweet venom of living. Life bites you whether you want it to or not and the venom it injects may be poison, sugar, or both at the same time. 

Please consider making a donation to the Kimball Jenkins School of Art. This place is pretty wonderful, offering a variety of cultural activities along with art classes for both children and adults. It is unsung, unrecognized, under appreciated but full of opportunities! Think about contributing and also …Spread the word!

— Artist of the Day Blogger