Artist of the Day- Roy Staab (click on image to see more)

Artist of the Day has been down for several days due to...who knows? Way beyond my pay grade but's back! I hope.

Since 1979, Milwaukee-based artist Roy Staab has created ephemeral installations along the shallow waters and shores of lakes, oceans and rivers, using found materials such as reeds, bamboo, snow, stones and lines drawn in the earth. Staab often wades knee-deep in water for hours, using nothing but his hands to braid and bind stalks together, creating Zen-like sculptures which may last an hour, or a couple of weeks, depending on the forces of nature.

“I like the idea of the ephemeral. And I like the work when it is very perfect and interacts in nature in color and reflection.” Staab

Staab uses geometry to create line drawings in and with nature.  I especially like the pieces he does in water. The contrast between the serene linear geometric shapes against the tumble of nature is very satisfying. Much of his work is done in water that then provides a second set of lines in the reflection.