Artist(s) of the Day- Cut Paper Artists (click on image to see more)

There's a really interesting exhibit at the Currier Museum in Manchester NH this month. It's a show of contemporary works of cut paper. For me there were a couple of things that really struck me. One was that there was a certain compulsion involved. I don't think an ordinary person could do most of this's just too tedious and requires months of obsessive, repetitive work with a very small sharp blade. The second is that for most of the pieces...the decisions were made before the work began. Nothing happened spontaneously. So for this post I've choses artists...some current and others not who have worked intuitively without much pre-planning...well, I don't know for sure but the work looks that way. Artists in order: Mark Wagner, Barb Hunt, Adam Fowler, Henry Matisse, Sarah Sze