Artist of the Day- Isaac Brodsky (click on image to see more)

We just returned from London where we saw an exhibit at the Royal Academy of work from the Russian Revolution. It was a packed show. Too many pieces. Too many people. None the less...I did learn a lot and found the work of Isaac Brodsky pretty wonderful. I've included the following from the exhibit information because I realized how little I knew about the arts in Russia under Lenin.

During these years of tremendous upheaval and turmoil, the liberal or left-leaning intelligentsia experienced a wave of euphoria and optimism. There was a tremendous sense of throwing off the shackles and restrictions of nineteenth-century, personal, subjective, ‘bourgeois’ art. Artists and theoreticians rejected all its aesthetic and cultural and moral values in the name of creating a completely new art which would be for the people, the masses, communal art, popular and accessible art which would depict the exciting possibilities of the New Society everyone would build together. This led to radical new ways of seeing and creating, the cross-fertilisation of traditional artistic media with new forms, an explosion of avant-garde painting, music, architecture, film, agitop theatre for workers in factories and so on.