Artist of the Day- Henri de Toulouse Lautrec(click on image to view more)

I’m not all that well read…or smart…but I think there are wonderful things about a liberal arts education. I began co-teaching a high school history course which was focused on viewing social change through the visual history of a time period. I found the connections between the art of the German Expressionists and WWII pretty telling. I loved viewing the French Revolution through the eyes of David and Delacroix.


While reading in the New Yorker about a young jazz singer Cecile McLorin Salvant, I saw the name Yvette Guilbert and instantly knew who she was. The image of her nose and the black gloves… Salvant had heard one of Guilbert’s songs and was hoping to turn it into a jazz number…but I got stuck on Lautrec and Guilbert. Here are some of Henri de Toulouse Lautrec’s paintings and sketches of Guilbert, a cabaret singer at the Moulin Rouge. Go to You Tube and listen to Salvant…WOW! Even if you’re not a jazz fan you will love her!!!!!