Artist of the Day- Rosy Keyser (click on image to see more)

A title…Mnemonic Land Device, (For Blind Willie McTell), 2013- cardboard, palm mat, enamel, wire and steel
Here’s a quote from a gallery person…Matthew Day Jackson…Keyser“forces me to consider the history of abstraction, the idea of gesture, and finally a conversation of decay through creating a palimpsest,” he adds. “The level of inventiveness and playfulness in her work is startling as it feels more like a struggle of life and death. The work is deeply romantic, and lacks any notion of frivolity. Her intensity is one with which I have to reckon.” Really? All that from these loosely constructed, patchwork pieces? I like the work, though I can’t quite say why. I like corrugated materials. I like mixed media.I like grids. I like that title! Blind Willie McTell was a musician and wrote music in Braille...played Piedmont style!