Artist of the Day- Adolph Wolfli (click on image to view individually)

"Every Monday morning Wölfli is given a new pencil and two large sheets of unprinted newsprint. The pencil is used up in two days; then he has to make do with the stubs he has saved or with whatever he can beg off someone else. He often writes with pieces only five to seven millimetres long and even with the broken-off points of lead, which he handles deftly, holding them between his fingernails. He carefully collects packing paper and any other paper he can get from the guards and patients in his area; otherwise he would run out of paper before the next Sunday night. At Christmas the house gives him a box of coloured pencils, which lasts him two or three weeks at the most."

Wolfi was abused as a child, then became an orphan and was raised in a series of state run homes. Then he was an indentured child laborer and was later jailed repeatedly for attempted child molestation. Eventually he ended up in a psychiatric hospital in Bern, Germany and began making art. This quote is from one of the doctors who took a real interest in his case and his artistic progress