Artist of the Day- David Lynch&MacDowell Colony (click on image for more)

This past Sunday we went to Medal Day at the MacDowell Colony in Peterborough. This is our favorite day of the year.

Each year the Colony honors a visual artist, writer, composer, poet, photographer or journalist. Artists of all kinds can apply for a residency to spend a couple months or a few weeks to work on a project they have described in their application. They get a small studio on the grounds, their lunches delivered daily in a straw basket and the rest of their (fabulous) meals served to them in the main house. Once a year the studios are opened…on Medal Day…and you get to go and look around and talk to artists about their projects and their ideas and dream of how great it would be if YOU could be there!

This year David Lynch, the director-artist was the honoree. I hadn’t known him as a visual artist. His artwork carries the same dark underbelly as his films.