Artist of the Day- Jill Hoy (click on image to view individually)

While researching the artist Jill Hoy…I came upon another artist Elizabeth Hoy. Huh…I thought. Both had worked under Jon Imber whose work I was familiar with. Eventually I discovered that Imber, who died last year was married to Jill Hoy and  that Elizabeth Hoy was indeed her sister. Whew!! AND another discovery...the first image is titled Codman Portico. My dad was Miss Codman's doctor. Back in the day when doctors made house calls my dad sometimes take me along to Miss Codman's and I would sit on her oh-so- high bed(or so it seemed to a 4 year old) while my dad examined her heart (I guess). He was a cardiologist...old school...gentle.

Jill Hoy paints and moves between Stonington Maine, Massachusetts and NYC.