Artist of the Day- Becky Yazdan (click on image to view individually)

NEW YEAR /2018

As I rather tenuously step into the new year, I am struck by the variety of ways artists pursue their work. Sometimes their thoughts and ideas are more interesting than the pieces they create. While I try my best not to dwell on the written portion of this blog…sometimes what they write is so insightful about both the artist and his or her work. As I proceed warily through the year I will hold on to the images and thoughts of creative people. It may be the BEST that the year has to offer.

Becky Yazdan’s statement

Each of my paintings tells a story. They are based on things I see, read about, and watch on TV, as well as memories of events, feelings and colors – the pink of my favorite childhood bathing suit, the first time I told a lie. Color, form and pattern combine to become conversations, expressions, and events. When I paint I try to find the balance between intuition and intellect, so that the process of painting becomes an active dialogue with the phenomena of nature. By not dictating the end result I am receptive to a deeper understanding of the world around me. The paintings are like dreams – the events of the day reorganized and combined with other events and memories until a new, often surprising, reality has taken shape.