Artist of the Day- Ethan Murrow (click on image to view individually)

This artist has a huge installation piece titled, Hauling at the Currier Museum in Manchester, NH. He is an amazing draftsman and his team for this project are wonderful drafts-people from Southern NH U.

There’s a small interactive portion which is pretty fun. It’ll be up till spring I think…but…go now…cuz, well…you know…you’ll forget and then it’ll be too late and you’ll go @#$%&??

 Prominent within the installation is a massive, panoramic wall drawing. Murrow’s most ambitious work to date, the drawing was created with a team of six other artists and nearly 1,000 Sharpie pens, and it extends across more than 100 feet of gallery wall space. Hauling is inspired by the history of the Manchester region and its people, emphasizing labor and collaboration.’