Artist of the Day- Sangram Majumbar (click on image to view individually)

I want to look at this work for a very long time. The more you look the more you see! What appears an abstraction is a figure searching through a satchel…the shadow of a tree at night on the sidewalk. Please allow some time to really look. I’ve included a link. You can watch him work…it’s short.

The quote below offers real insight into how artists work…well some artists. It certainly resonated with me.

 “In the studio I work on multiple canvases and I am always looking at what a painting that might be ‘hanging out’ in the corner is saying to something that I am working on. I like indirectly running into an idea, and often I leave a painting around in my studio for months in between stages before I know what it needs. It’s easy to always ‘talk and think that if I keep painting, it will work. But paintings do talk back, and it’s important to listen.”