Artist of the Day-Toyin Ojih Odutola(click on image to view individually)

These HUGE … life size pastels are on view at the Whitney Museum in NYC. "Toyin Ojih Odutola—draftswoman, writer, keen observer, creator of worlds—was born in Ife, Nigeria, in 1985. An exemplar of what she has described as the 'wandering immigrant' tradition, she has been itinerant, a determined wanderer, in her locations and interests for much of her life." I so admire her rich surface…the pattern and textures she surrounds her portraits with…your eye moves around the surface with such interest. “When I draw the skin of my subjects, I really want people to travel throughout them,” she says. “The surface isn’t something I trifle with. In the making of the work, skin is the geography I travel in order to discover each individual and his/her story. With every line I mark up, I map out the territory of their realities.”