Artist of the Day- Phyllida Barlow (click on image to view individually)

As recently as 10 years ago, the artist Phyllida Barlow was not selling work and no gallery was collecting it. In the past it was normal for her to leave a sculpture in the street and see what happened, or to break into a disused factory to install something nobody would see.

She was not represented by a commercial gallery, and her artworks – made from throwaway materials such as plywood, tinfoil, polystyrene and cardboard – were known to few people outside a narrow segment of the art world.

To say that the 72-year-old is a latecomer to international art stardom is something of an understatement. “I’ll probably keel over and drop dead in front of you now,” she laughs.

The above is from an article in the Guardian…2016…great story!