Artist of the Day- Suzanne Stryk (click on image to view individually)

These beautiful, gentle images. I think she’s in love with nature…and with art. Give this a read if you have the time. She’s a good writer.

She writes: I spend a month or more in London, England, every year. During these sojourns, I look forward to drawing at the Grant Museum of Zoology (founded as a teaching collection in 1828), where old specimens float in jars of methylated spirits or peer from glass cases. There’s a range of animals boxed or shelved or pickled there—from extinct dodo bones to a plucked pigeon, its ashen heart revealed. Some specimens were even dissected by the likes of Thomas Huxley and other contemporaries of Darwin.

So opening the Grant’s creaking wooden door, I leave the busy London streets behind to enter this quiet cabinet of curiosities. I’m in my element there since I’m obsessed by how we alter the living world through collecting.