Artist of the Day- Gertrude Fiske (click on image to view individually)

She was co-founder of the Ogunquit Art Museum, the first woman appointed to the Massachusetts State Art Commission in 1929, was a co-founder of the Guild of Boston Artists in 1914 and of the Boston Society of Etchers in 1917. Fiske lived in Weston, Massachusetts and painted in Portsmouth, NH. She was a favored student and then the peer of several American Impressionists, including ­­Edmund C. Tarbell, Frank Benson, Philip Hale, and Charles Woodbury. Critics and peers alike identified her genius as residing in how she ‘sees,’ and this gift of ‘seeing’ made her more independent than many. This independence set her apart.

I love her use of color. It feels really bright for the period. The way she represents women…as though they are interesting people and not another lovely vista…so refreshing! I also find her vantage point surprising …how she looks down on a scene or up through a cemetery. She includes telephone poles! Most of these paintings were done in the 1920’s.