Artist of the Day- Michael Stamm

Stamm is one of the artists I met at MacDowell in August. On a hot and humid day his studio was the only one air conditioned. And…he had 6 or 7 boxes of big, fat,  chunky pastels that were so luscious! I could have stayed all day!!!


In Michael Stamm’s work…”The human figure seems more like a design element here than like an embodied presence. While other young gay painters often trade in erotic imagery, Stamm sublimates the libidinal drive in more cerebral activity, coding quotidian objects with queer history and imbuing them with the status of archetypes. The blood-red liquid and medicine dropper in B12, for instance, could be read as an allusion to the history of HIV/AIDS. With a proliferation of patterns, references, and visual effects, moderated by a uniform surface, Stamm produces paintings that, though restrained, are richly evocative. “