Artist of the Day- Liza Lou (click on image to view individually)

These 2 full sized rooms were created over 5 years entirely with tiny glass beads placed one at a time on each surface. Completed in 1999 it caused quite a sensation. Since then she has moved to South Africa where there is a community of women who have a beading tradition. She works with these women and has found herself a part of this community. She is a wonderful writer and writes so thoughtfully about the lives of women. The quote below really resonated with me.

 “I’ve been thinking lately about how much hatred there is toward women globally.  Around the world, violence against women is commonplace and even in the best of situations, we as women battle to make peace with ourselves, with our bodies, with our place in the world.  Hatred is hatred – it is an epidemic. We are hated and we turn that hatred onto ourselves.”