Artist of the Day- David Altmejd (click on image to view individually)

Altmejd fashions intricate sculptural environments that call to mind miniature stage sets, museum dioramas, architectural models, and reliquaries. “I am interested in complexity as a form,” he has remarked. To this end, he relies on intuition rather than intention when constructing his multimedia constellations. Mining the labyrinth of the unconscious, his work resists coherent narratives.

It’s a brave new world for artist’s materials! here are descriptions of materials for 2 of the pieces shown. Polyurethane foam, pink onyx, epoxy clay, epoxy gel, resin, glass eyes, cast glass, acrylic paint, quartz, glass paint, Sharpie, rhinestone 

 Expanded polystyrene, epoxy dough, fiberglass, resin, epoxy gel, epoxy clay, synthetic hair, quartz, acrylic paint, glass eyes, steel, Sharpie, ballpoint pens, gold leaf, glass paint, artificial flower, lighter