Artist of the Day- John McNamara (click on image to view individually)

Please read the statement below from the DeCordova Museum.

I know it’s long. My sister and I sat in front of this huge painting for a long time…which is just what the artist wants! It deserves a long look.

John McNamara’s large-scale works from the 1980s earned him the label “epic abstractionist” from Boston art critics. This monumental canvas envelops the viewer in dark washes of color, against which striated brushstrokes seem to give off a phosphorescent glow. The central hill-like form is a recurring motif in this period of McNamara’s work; here it emerges like a glacier floating on a reflective body of water. Other references to the natural world, such as horizon lines, lend the scene a sense of depth and cause Murk to shift between pure abstraction and landscape.