Artist of the Day- Titus Kaphar (click on image to view individually)

Titus Kaphar appeared to me this Sunday in the NY Times art’s section. I knew nothing about him. Now…I am all in!! This work is spectacular-full of history, social commentary and art history. I’m only showing his paintings today. What he writes is so interesting. Slow down…take a little time…look and read…and then go to his website!

“I at once see the fact that these images support Colonialist ideas and at the same time, as a maker, as a person interested in material, as a person interested in history, I still really love them. So the works themselves exist in that place of conflict.” — Titus Kaphar

“This painting is about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, and yet it is not. …The woman who sits here is not just simply a representation of Sally Hemings, she’s more of a symbol of many of the black women whose stories have been shrouded by the narratives of our deified founding fathers.”
— Titus Kaphar