Artist of the Day- Cara Romero (click on image to view individually)

Last Friday we went up to the Hood Museum to an arts symposium. There were 4 sessions. We managed to get to only two…sad. But…never mind, they were entertaining and enlightening. So I will spend several days showing the work of some of the artist who were there. One of the things that became oh so clear to me is that you have to read about contemporary art. The whole “one picture is worth a thousand words”…just doesn’t apply anymore. And, while I find that annoying, I also find artist’s methods, ideas, backgrounds and philosophies just fascinating. I know. I know…you are all dreading the thought that I’m going to start analyzing art. Well I’m not. I’m not smart enough and certainly not a good enough writer to manage that. I DO hope that on occasion you will try to go to an artist’s website…or listen to a linked video. After listening to 4 very different artists I realized how important their process was to their work. Food for thought.

 A Native American herself, Romero’s photographs of tribal communities challenge viewers to rethink the history-and future-of Native American photography. She works closely with her communities and in collaboration with those who pose for her. Many are friends and family.