Artist of the Day- Jane Hammond (click on image to view individually)

She was fascinating to listen to!!! So many ideas. She was incredibly direct and willing to present herself as she really is.

‘In June 1993, Hammond asked the poet, John Ashbery to recommend titles for future paintings. A week later he faxed her 44 titles. By December 1994, she had employed 13 of the titles, "reusing one four times and another twice.

The Times spoke of Hammond's "predilection for systems. For decades it has been her practice to limit all her paintings to mix-and-match selections from a total of 276 found images." Since this article was written, Hammond has moved in new directions; she no longer limits her painting to a body of found images.

Many of her works are based on dreams, such as a recent series of works in which butterflies are laid over maps of various countries. She explains her approach to painting thus:

Painting is a cross between high philosophy and cement work. My biggest way of relating to this concept of time and labor is that it is an entry point for reaching the unconscious. The layers of paint have more to do with duration than texture. I see it as a function of time, like the idea of chanting. Certain things can begin to happen because you're with the painting for long periods of time.’