Artist of the Day- Jeffrey Dennis (click on image to view individually)

. English painter. His paintings have embedded glimpses of contemporary urban life within landscapes of processed peas, rotting fruit or Victorian wallpaper designs and, more recently, the ‘bubblescape’ an organic matrix which seems to offer the potential for continual mutation and evolution. He was one of the ‘experts’ who discussed the work of Degas in the film of the same name.


Artist of the Day- David Beck (click on image to view individually)

“David was a unique personality: understated, charming, reserved, watchful and unendingly curious; erudite yet drawn towards the naive; he was a sly joke-teller with a bone-dry sense of humor, a bane to tele-marketers, an avid flea market shopper and an incredibly warm and caring friend.”

He had a real affection for the now extinct Dodo bird. He died in October…just as I was about to discover him.Below is a link to a documentary. I really enjoyed the insights it gave me to how he thought and worked.


Artist of the Day- Peter Dellert (click on image to view individually)

“The sculptures speak of the fragility and strength in natural forms. It is this balance which I like to explore. The surfaces are muscular and male but the overall feeling of each piece is feminine. “

Dellert will be one of the teachers at the upcoming North Country Studio Workshops in 2020. It’s going to be a wonderful 5 day event at Bennington College at the end of January! More to come!

Artist of the Day-Lesley Dill (click on image to view individually)

New York-based artist Lesley Dill… is largely responsible for one of the most popular trends in sculpture. Whenever you see ghostly objects made from ephemeral materials such as sheer cloth, papier-mache and dangling ribbons and threads, think of Dill. This is especially true if the artist adds passages of writing to the sculpture, not the big, bold, BANG, ZOOM, CRASH lettering of Pop and graffiti, but the faint, tentative script of a shy little girl.

Excerpt from Doug MacCash’s review in the The Time- Picayunne


Artist of the Day- Hank Willis Thomas (click on image to view individually)

Hank Willis Thomas is an incredibly varied and prolific artist!

These are sculptures. Tomorrow will be quilts!

Hank Willis Thomas (b. 1976, Plainfield, N.J.) regularly tackles issues of pop culture through the lenses of race, identity, advertising, and corporate branding. He earned a B.F.A. in photography and Africana studies from New York University, and an M.F.A. and M.A. in photography and visual criticism from the California College of Arts.


Artist of the Day- Kate MccGwire (click on image to view individually)

Another avian artist! But this time a sculptor!!!

MccGwire is a British sculptor who grew up on the Norfolk Broads which connected her with nature and helped develop her fascination with birds. Avian subjects have become a recurring theme in her work. There is something a little creepy about these beautiful objects. They’re so compressed…kind of snake-like…like they want to get out!

Artist of the Day- Chris Maynard (click on the image to view individually)

Chris Maynard carves feathers. He cuts into them to create these delicate pieces. They are pretty amazing. I like many of them. Mostly the minimal ones. It’s easy for this kind of theme to become gimmicky and sometimes it does. I’ve chosen my favorites and the link to a short video. Maynard has a TED talk you could watch.


Artist of the Day- Katherine Jones

Katherine Jones is a fine art printmaker and painter living and working in Brixton South London. “The tension between safety and danger, security and vulnerability, are a central focus of Katherine’s work.”

The first 3 images are monoprints. The last three are silkscreens.


Artist of the Day- Shinyoung Park

Shinyoung Park

These are monoprints. They’re a one of a kind print. Almost like making a drawing or painting and then printing it. Why…you might ask? Hard to explain but there is something different about the look. And, there is definitely a different feel in the making of one. It is much more like painting than say, the scratching away at an etching.




Artist of the Day- Robert Dorr

Here is the Kimball Jenkins’ own Robert Dorr! Robert does these beautiful daily sketches …which are in fact small paintings, layered with washes and mediums and iridescent color. There is a spectacular exhibit of these paintings…many, many of them…on view in the Carriage House at the Kimball Jenkins Estate. Take your lunch break here for a meditative respite from your busy day. You won’t be sorry. Oh…and you could own one!!!

Artist of the Day- Chloe Manasseh

Chloe Manasseh

This artist brought up in Britain now works in Singapore. Her paintings sometimes appear almost as lively, engaging wall paper!

“By often omitting the horizon completely, Manasseh leaves the work in a vertiginous state. The painting serves to destabilise the viewer, implying sensations of being overwhelmed and off balance, contemplative and provoking. “


Artist of the Day- Per Kirkeby

Danish artist and geologist. Known for his dark abstracts.

When I think about it. I would not have ever known about this artist were it not for the Internet. I think I first saw his work on Pinterest…and after that I saw it EVERYWHERE!


Artist of the Day- Eleanor Ray (click on image to view individually)

Eleanor Ray makes small paintings. She makes beautiful paintings! The statement below from Painters Table speaks volumes. Ray’s work is on display in NYC to rave reviews.

Steele writes: "Any artist who undertakes the assignment of smaller works realizes immediately that every mark counts in an informational sense. Power is derived as much from what is left out as what is included. The character and design of mark-making as well as the assignment of real estate in a reduced format are all part of the ‘game’. Scale of execution is both intimate and magnified in the small format.”

The last image is a photo of her work on display to give you a sense of scale.

Nicelle Beauchene Gallery (327 Broome Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan) through February 10.