Artist of the Day: Ann Saunderson

About Ann

“I like working with different materials. Different materials lead to different solutions. Different materials make you think differently. So my work is varied.

I work in oils outside in the sun and wind...and paint landscapes.

In the printmaking studio I work abstractly with monotype and create detailed creatures with etchings.

I work abstractly in black and with with yupo and ink.

I look forward to the days when I find myself moving things around without really knowing what's happening. I always marvel at writers who describe their characters taking on a life of their they don't know where a story is going. I feel much the same about making pictures. It's a crapshoot. When it's going well it's great...much of the time it sucks...a slog through mud. But the days when it 'happens' are spectacular and keep me going.”

Artist of the Day: Jim Wolcott

Local Artist Jim Wolcott.

“My current work has become quite complex in technique, texture and color. I have expanded my techniques and materials through constant experimentation and revision. Grids, both formal and informal, play an important role for me compositionally and emotionally. Making art is an anxiety inducing activity. Grids calm me and my paintings. I believe they ground my artistic instincts and allow me to more fluidly explore my visual interests.”

Artist of the Day- Childe Hassam (click on image to view individually)

Happy 4th of July!!!

Childe Hassam was an American Impressionist. Some of his French Impressionist compatriots also painted flags. I have no idea why it became a ‘subject’. I don’t think it had to do with Nationalism… When I was a child…and even a teenager flying flags everywhere was not a ‘thing’. Being a patriot had nothing to do with flying a flag. Have a happy 4th!!!

Artist of the Day- Sally Ladd Cole (click on image to view individually)

When painting I try to portray my sense of wonder at the color, grace, infinite changeability, harmonies, and contrasts found in the country side around me. I now split my time between New Hampshire and our new home in Blue Hill Maine, where I observe with great concern the ever dwindling fields, farms, marshes, and forests that I grew up loving and taking for granted.

Through my paintings I hope to bring awareness to the irreplaceable beauty of this rural country and open Atlantic shoreline. These everyday scenes of marshes, meadows, forests, and farmland, so filled with sun and shadow, color, powerful contrasts, and overall natural grace, that I find so much inspiration in, are becoming increasingly rare.

Artists of the Day- Afghan Weavers (click on image to view individually)

Afghan Rugs

I saw these on Facebook. Afghan women have traditionally created carpets. In 1979 as conflicts began in Afghanistan the rugs began to change…reflecting the times. These women are not acknowledged but that’s probably ok. Who knows what repercussions might ensue?

Artist of the Day- Charles Gaines (click on image to view individually)

Renowned artist and CalArts School of Art faculty member Charles Gaines has been named the recipient of the 2019 Edward MacDowell Medal in the Arts. This work is difficult for me to explain…it would take forever and I am not sure I get it. BUT…take a look. He works with numbers and grids..

Have you ever been to the MacDowell Colony? It’s the oldest art colony in the country. It’s right here in Peterbough NH! Once a year they open many of their little studios to the public as well as honoring an artist, writer, composer, poet, graphic artist…etc. It’s a fabulous way to spend the 2nd Sunday in August…this year August 11. Bring a picnic or buy one there. The event is free and open to the public.

Artist of the Day- Richard Bosman (click on image to view individually)

Richard Bosman

I love both his paintings and his monotypes. He says of his work…”I am interested in narrative and am drawn to images of foreboding.” I would add that there’s a good deal of humor in this foreboding. When I went to his ‘biography’ on his website there was nothing about him but his education. Never mind…the images do the work.

Artist of the Day-Bridget Mullen (click on image to view individually)

Bridget Mullen

What draws me to make art is the possibility of revealing my unconscious through a visual manifestation. Painting seems more mysterious to me than ceramics. With ceramics it’s either object or air, the form is a fact. Sculpture is a bit unsettling to me, the obviousness of it, but that’s also why I’m drawn to it. The insertion of gravity into a vision is an interesting construct, the way the perimeter of a painting is an interesting construct. 



Artist of the Day- Erika Ranee (click on image to view individually)

Erika Ranee

Ranee works with layers. She adds and covers what she adds…and then uncovers again. Many of the paintings use the following materials… acrylic, shellac, gouache, spray paint, resin and paper collage on canvas.

She says of her process…Like pages from a journal each artwork is an exercise in pushing paint around to articulate a time capsule on canvas.