Call for Entry

Kimball Jenkins School of Art will hold our first 4”x 4” Ornament  Fundraiser to run in conjunction with the student show in December. We need your creativity and your help. Each returned ornament will then be sold at a fixed price of $20 each. All proceeds  from donation of artwork will go toward scholarships and upgrading facilities and equipment.

The Theme: Flora & Fauna

There will be a small materials fee for the standard 4” x 4” square wooden ornament which must be used as the base of your piece.

How these bases are used is up to you…you may add materials, carve into the base, paint it etc. The finished result should be no larger than  4” x 4” square. Please use an appropriate adhesive for anything added to the base and the back must be finished in some way even if it’s painted a solid color. You may attach artist information to the back of each piece for your personal publicity.

We ask for a small donation of $2.00 for 1 ornament and 3 for $5.00. Each base will be given a numbered tag as well as a length of ornament string. EACH PIECE MUST HAVE AN ATTACHED NUMBER PLACED FIRMLY ON THE ORNAMENT STRING.

The bases will start shipping the 3rd week in July and your beautiful creations must be returned no later than October 23th, 2015.

Your fantastic artwork and your careful attention to deadlines will help to make this a successful yearly tradition and help keep Kimball Jenkins School of Art a vibrant and accessible part of the Concord community.

Questions or concerns?  Please contact



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 How many bases would you like to purchase:________ Total Enclosed:____________

PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Kimball Jenkins/266 N. Main St. Concord, NH 03301

The bases are $2.00 each or $5.00 for 3, this includes shipping of the ornament kits to the artist. If you are local and would like to make your donation even larger you may stop by to pick up your ornament kit during business hours in the Kimball Jenkins Office. Please indicate this preference on your form. The artist is responsible for shipping or returning finished pieces to Kimball Jenkins.