“Look at That!”: Seeing Through Sketching

“Look at That!”: Seeing Through Sketching


Instructor: Bobbie Herron
Saturday February 24th
9am  – 12:00 PM


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With the right guidance, the humble sketchbook can easily become a doorway to a world beyond your imagination. Of course professional artists have used sketchbooks for centuries to dash off a quick sketch or make a plan for a future masterpiece.  This same tool can be used for an even greater purpose: to sharpen your eyesight, open your heart, and provide a guaranteed road to joy and confidence.  
This class welcomes true beginners as well as those who are already comfortable with art supplies. In this three-hour workshop you will:
- learn the back-story to a vibrant new movement called “Sketchbook Skool”
- explore the work of contemporary sketchbook masters from around the
- watch a brief demo, then join in to create sketchbook pages that will loosen up your style and your thinking

With any luck, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between you, your sketchbook, and the beautiful world surrounding us.

'For questions, call Bobbie at 603-715-9152

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