Pronto Plate Lithography

Pronto Plate Lithography


Pronto Plate Lithography  
Mary Mead
Tuesdays 6pm - 8pm
September 19th - October 24th (6 Weeks)
Members $180
Non Members $200


Pronto Plate Lithography is a technique you will want to have in your arsenal as it can reproduce a variety of images both hand-drawn and painterly, or photo-based.  Pronto Plates operate on the antipathy between oil and water and are fairly simple to master and relatively inexpensive.  In this printmaking class you will learn how to create images using simple materials such as ball point pen, acrylic floor wax, sharpie, crayon and, if desired, laser copies of photo-based imagery. The plates can be cut and/or layered to create multi-colored prints.  Over the course of the class students will also explore a variety of additional processes including hand-coloring, water color transfer and chine colle. This is a great class for beginners and professional artists alike interested in learning a new and extremely versatile technique. Participants should expect to create a portfolio of completed prints.

Students who plan on using photo-based imagery should contact the instructor in advance.

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