Kimball Jenkins’s organizational history

When the last heir of the John Kimball family, Carolyn Jenkins, died in 1981, she left her home at 266 North Main Street, Concord, and a substantial endowment to the community for charitable and educational purposes, including preservation of the family home and the encouragement of the arts. The Carolyn Jenkins Charitable Trust was created and received 501(c)(3) status, and a Board of Trustees was appointed. Various business models were implemented through the decades under several leaders, with varying results, and by 2009 the endowment was expended.

A new Board of Trustees was appointed and began to operate the Charitable Trust as a nonprofit organization with a service delivery mission, raising the funds needed to fulfill Carolyn’s wishes through private donations, business sponsorships, and, grants. The Trustees assumed leadership of the School of Art, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organized by volunteers to bring the arts to the estate. They invested heavily in staffing, maintenance, and community programming initiatives, and expanded the board in number and experience.

Effective March 13, 2019, the organization has formalized the transition from charitable trust to mission-driven nonprofit. The new organization, named Kimball Jenkins, Inc., has a more focused mission, an expanded board, and experienced staff. The change will reduce duplicative administrative costs, accounting, and legal fees, simplify fundraising efforts, and improve branding. The Board believes this streamlining will make better use of donor resources by investing more into preservation and programming. The organization maintains its 501(c)(3) status under new EIN 30-0538857.

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Our Mission

The Kimball-Jenkins Estate serves Concord and the Capital Region as a setting for the enhancement of arts and culture, within a neighborhood of historical significance, in keeping with the legacy of Carolyn Jenkins.  We exist to enable people within our region to pursue activities that enrich their lives and contribute to the cultural well being of the community as a whole. 


Our Vision

The future of the Kimball-Jenkins Estate lies in a dynamic and sustainable engagement with residents of the Capital Region to promote the arts, culture, historical heritage, and civic life, in a setting of beauty, serenity, and fellowship.

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