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Sketchbook Adventures Part 1

Sketchbook Adventures Part 1
Bobbie Herron
9am - Noon
Saturday Feb 2nd
$45 + $35 material fee paid to Kimball Jenkins School of Art

A sketchbook is not what you think it is.
It’s not an informal place for undervalued doodles; instead it can be a land of discovery, a visual record of your travels wherever you may be. Wouldn’t you love to look back through a sketchbook filled with your impressions of a trip overseas, or a trip to a nearby lake, or even a trip to your own living room? The pleasure that awaits you needs just a bit of preparation, a little instruction so that you learn about the potential potholes before you hit the road. Once you have your road map, your practice can become a daily activity, and you will be amazed at how your skill increases once you remove that pressure to create a masterpiece each time you pick up your pen. This is the beauty of a sketchbook, this is where you practice skills, this is where your art learns to fly.

In this one-day class you will:
- learn the characteristics of a variety of art papers, so in the future you will be able to confidently buy the right sketchbook for the right project
- learn composition basics and explore the potential of your everyday sketching tools
- begin with pencil and various pens, then finish using watercolor to bring your sketches to life
- see demos of each skill, then record them in your own sketchbook for later reference
- discover ways to explore seeing /drawing as meditation
- explore the work of contemporary sketchbook masters from around the world
- learn about online resources to continue your explorations at home

NOTE: This class has an additional materials fee of $30, payable in cash or by check to the instructor at the beginning of class.
In order for the whole class to “be on the same page” literally, we will be using art kits supplied by the instructor. This kit includes a 30-page sketchbook, a quality watercolor palette with 12 colors, a water brush, four specialized pens, and a pencil. You will also receive printouts of the class lessons and reference materials to use later at home.

We will take a short break about 10:30am, so feel free to bring a snack and a thermos of tea or coffee.
For questions about the class, call Bobbie Herron in Concord NH at 603-715-9152.

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From inspiration, to abstraction, to creation.
from 120.00

From inspiration, to abstraction, to creation
Robert Dorr
Thursdays 6pm - 8pm
January 24th - February 14th
Members $120
Non Members $140

Take an idea from inspiration, to abstraction, to creation. This is a four week class, 2 hours each session, where we’ll take an original image, and theme, and then generate ideas for creating. You’ll learn to be a good self-critic (not the destructive kind) and you’ll learn how to describe your ideas, and expand on them
Drawing skills, while they are handy, are not necessary.
You will determine the final shape of your project. Obviously I’ll encourage you to think in terms of textile arts. But, sculpture, paper-crafts, and painting are possible outcomes as well.


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from 180.00

Pat Wild
Thursdays 6pm - 8pm
January 24th - February 28th
Member $180
Non Member $200

This series of six workshops is designed to explore our connections to the Sacred, and the mystery beyond the mundane world. By connecting to that energy, we can bring that energy into our daily lives. Using intuitive artmaking, movement, sound, writing, and guided imagery, we will discover what has been inside us all along, and how to access that universal energy whenever we wish.

Topics include:

Drawing as Meditation
Sacred Geometry
Prayer Beads
Personal Altars

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Incorporating the written language into your artwork
from 120.00

Incorporating the written language into your artwork
Robert Dorr
Tuesdays 6pm - 8pm
January 22nd - February 12th
Members $120
NonMembers $140

Incorporating text/writing in your artwork adds a personal dimension to the piece. Even using a text from a book, your personality comes through the writing. Art journals, using a combination of watercolor washes, found objects, and personal journaling have become a popular way of working one’s art practice into one’s daily life. Nothing encourages the muse as much as giving her attention every day.  
The class will cover at least 4 different ways of using text in art.
1. Text as a geometric, or all over, surface. Calligraphy using materials other than ink will be covered.
2. Text as a background to work your own ideas over. This will be self-portrait (loosely defined) worked over text that you choose. It could be a type of journal, or significant poetry
3. Text as a way to add interest to shadows, or add detail in a watercolor.
4. Text used in pottery. I’ll be using the inspiration of potters like Jane Kauffman, and the Sumerians. (We may, or may not be able to fire the pieces. It depends on the pottery schedule)
Some of the materials you will be using are acrylic paints and mediums, graphite, chalk, and charcoal, watercolors, colored pencils, markers and possibly wheat paste. Please dress for the possibility of getting messy.

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