Kimball Jenkins Estate and Art School

3-5 year Strategic Plan



The Kimball-Jenkins Estate serves Concord and the Capital Region as a setting for the enhancement of arts and culture, within a neighborhood of historical significance, in keeping with the legacy of Carolyn Jenkins.  We exist to enable people within our region to pursue activities that enrich their lives and contribute to the cultural well being of the community as a whole. 



The future of the Kimball-Jenkins Estate lies in a dynamic and sustainable engagement with residents of the Capital Region to promote the arts, culture, historical heritage, and civic life, in a setting of beauty, serenity, and fellowship.


Values and Beliefs

The Kimball Jenkins Estate is situated within a neighborhood of rich historical significance.  It is the purpose of the staff and trustees to collaborate with the City of Concord and other historically-minded individuals and groups to more fully realize the potential of this historical resource.


The beauty and serenity of the Kimball-Jenkins Estate are there for all to enjoy.  It is the purpose of the staff and trustees to continue to search for ways to invite and welcome members of our diverse community to experience our lovely estate and grounds.


The arts, broadly speaking, belong to people of all ages, backgrounds, and social spheres.  No one is too young, too old, too limited educationally or financially to benefit from participation in the arts.  It is the purpose of the staff and trustees of Kimball Jenkins to help artistic engagement to become a fact of life for residents of Concord and the Capital Region.


While “talent” is a gift to be appreciated, the ability to create personally satisfying works of art lies within everyone.  It is the purpose of the staff and trustees of Kimball Jenkins to provide an environment where such discoveries take place.





Strategic Intentions


1.              Ensure financial sustainability for both the estate and school of art.

-         Fund raise through constituent donations and grants. 

-         Hire a half-time professional to coordinate resource development.  

-         Explore the lease or sale of real estate to grow the endowment.

-         Increase activities, congruent to our values, that produce revenue.

-         Invest in needed renovation and construction to maintain the character of, and improve access to, our facility. 

-         Improve marketing and events to enhance revenue.

-         Consider potential partnerships that can enhance fiscal stability without the loss of the character and values

2.              Create a practicable and stable administrative structure

-         Create two fully functioning governing bodies for the Estate and the School of Art, under the aegis of the Carolyn L. Jenkins Charitable Trust.

-         Clarify staff roles and responsibilities with respect to both Estate and School of Art for both the immediate and long-term.

-         Explore executive leadership models.

-         Foster a mutually beneficial and distinct relationship between the Estate and the School of Art.

-         Explore the formation of “Advisory Groups” for each entity that can support the work of the governing bodies.

3.              Enhance the property.

-         Make the necessary renovations and repairs.

-         Create a “challenge” around the repainting of the yellow buildings to motivate small and large donors.

-         Improve the grounds by considering alternative parking and traffic patterns.

4.              Explore both arts-related and estate-related collaboration with other entities.

-         Work with governmental and private entities about historical opportunities.

-         Partner with other historical sites and preservation-minded groups and individuals.


5.     Increase offerings for both the Estate and School of Art.

-         Expand the groups to which we rent and become a site for innovative activities.

-         Add arts courses, with emphasis on those that bring in new and first-time art students.

-         Market to the broader community, within and beyond Concord.