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Learn to See, Learn to Draw
Lee Johnson
Tuesdays 6:30pm - 8:30pm
July 7th - August 25th
Materials Included
Members $255
Non Members $275
This class is for people who can't draw a straight line! Through the fundamentals of drawing, students will learn to observe carefully and draw with confidence. For beginners as well as those wanting to improve their skills, this course emphasizes line, gesture, proportion, perspective, mass, volume, value and shading. Students will study still life, the figure and subjects of individual choice, while working with black, white and color drawing mediums. This course will provide a solid foundation in the mechanics and expressive qualities of drawing.

Learn to See, Learn to draw (night)

Mastering the Figure
July 13th - 16th
9am - Noon
Sylvia Brofos & Thomas Devaney
Members $180
Non Members $200

For students with some watercolor experience
Figure drawing and painting is the benchmark of all serious artists. It incorporates the best of draftsmanship and craftsmanship, and it takes great skill, training and practice to master. In this class we will study the figure. You will spend two days studying technical drawing with master artist Thomas Devaney and two days painting with the famous Sylvia Brofos. Seeing the painting as a "whole" to maintain unity will be stressed. Value relationships, spatial relationships, artistic anatomy, color harmonies, mass to detail relationships, form, atmospheric perspective, edges, and planes will be explored.

Mastering the Figure

Life Drawing
April 25th, May 30th, June 27th, July 25th
Saturdays 9:00am-12:00pm
$40 for all 4 sessions
$15 drop in
Three hour studio sessions with the nude model, using whatever materials you choose to bring.  No instruction.  Open to artists of all abilities.

Drawing Intensive

Carla Roy
July 28th, 29th & 30th
1pm -4pm
Members $135
Non Members $155

Learn the basics of Drawing in 3 day! This course workshop is a condensed version of “Learn to see, learn to draw”. This workshop is a great way to build your confidence to move into  painting in the Fall.

Drawing Intensive