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Watercolor fills up fast! Phone registration only for classes.


Nature Journaling:  Drawing and Painting from Nature in a Journal Format
Becky Darling
Saturday Mornings 10:00AM - 1:00 PM
May 9, June 13, July 11 & Aug. 1
Members/nonmembers $120 (4 weeks)
Drop in rate $45 per class

This series of classes will meet once a month for 4 sessions.  The focus will be on the continuation of a Nature Journal.  Instruction will be given in various drawing and watercolor techniques and designing the journal page.  There will be ideas given for writing to accompany the art for those who are so inclined.  We will look at different types of nature journals for inspiration.  There will be suggestions given for work to be done at home for those who wish to pursue the idea more in depth, but “homework” is not a requirement.  Each class will include a time for sharing the work done in and outside of class.  This should be a fun continuation of the Nature Journaling Workshop.

Painting Flowers with the Famous Sylvia Brofos
June 16th, 17th & 18th
9am - Noon
Members $90
Non-Members $110
Spend three days painting the glorious flowers from the Kimball Jenkins gardens and flowers kindly shared by students from their gardens.

Mastering the Figure
July 13th - 16th
9am - Noon
Sylvia Brofos & Thomas Devaney
Members $180
Non Members $200

For students with some watercolor experience
Figure drawing and painting is the benchmark of all serious artists. It incorporates the best of draftsmanship and craftsmanship, and it takes great skill, training and practice to master. In this class we will study the figure. You will spend two days studying technical drawing with master artist Thomas Devaney and two days painting with the famous Sylvia Brofos. Seeing the painting as a "whole" to maintain unity will be stressed. Value relationships, spatial relationships, artistic anatomy, color harmonies, mass to detail relationships, form, atmospheric perspective, edges, and planes will be explored.

Mastering the Figure

Textures in the Watercolor Landscape-  Trees, Water, Earth, Fields, and Rocks
Becky Darling
June 23,24,25
10:00am - 3:00pm
Members $150
Non Member $170  
This workshop is designed to help students gain a greater knowledge of the textures found in the landscape and to gain greater facility in using watercolor to interpret them.  Each day will include demos, practice, and time to create a landscape painting of the student's choice incorporating some of these textures.                                                                                             

Textures in the Watercolor Landscape

Developing the Watercolor Landscape as a Series
August 25,26,27
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Members $180
Non Members $200
This workshop will focus on students developing a series of watercolor landscapes from an area of subject matter of their choice.  We will look at different ways to create a series and work on design skills, values, and color to create a personal response to a theme.  There will be demos, skill building exercises, and individual instruction each day. For further information or questions, contact the instructor, Becky Darling 456-3523

Developing the Watercolor Landscape as a Series