A Sketchbook Visual Journey- Part 2

A Sketchbook Visual Journey- Part 2


A Sketchbook Visual Journey- Part 2
Bobbie Herron
June 2nd 9am - Noon

Let’s deepen your sketchbook romance together!

In our first class, you explored the language hidden within your pens, paints, brushes, and papers.  In this class your confidence will grow as we get to know these ‘four friends’ even better.

In this class we will:
- look more closely at Urban Sketchers, an organization “dedicated to fostering a global community of artists who practice on-location drawing.”
- take a closer look at the many choices available for sketching supplies, and learn how to ensure we have the right materials for the skills we are aiming to build
- weather permitting, we will head outdoors and sketch there together, with periodic breaks to share our ideas and wisdom
As before, handouts will include class outline and resources to explore at home

Materials to bring:
- a sketchbook with heavy-weight paper (90#/190gsm or more) for drawing
- a sketchbook or pad with 140# cold press watercolor paper if you wish to watercolor paint also
- a small watercolor travel set with brush, cup for water, paper towels, a pen, and a pencil
- a snack and a thermos of coffee/tea/water are good ideas since this will be a 3-hour class
- Optional: a camp stool if you have one (chairs will also be available)

Prerequisite: “Visual Journey” or “Look At That!” class (also taught by Bobbie Herron)

 For questions about the class, call Bobbie Herron- 603-715-9152.

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