Art as a Spiritual Practice

Art as a Spiritual Practice


Art as a Spiritual Practice

Pat Wild
Saturday March 17th (snow date March 24th)
10am - 1pm

This series of six workshops is designed to explore our connections to the Sacred, and the mystery beyond the mundane world. By connecting to that energy, we can bring that energy into our daily lives. Offered as a series, or as individual workshops.

Touchstones: Discovering What Matters
In this workshop we will explore how to pay attention to your innermost
thoughts and emotions, how to “hear” inner promptings as the voice of spirit, and how these can be shaped into visual form. In turn, the forms we make themselves have much to teach us about who we are and what’s important to us.

Drawing as Meditation
The rhythm of making marks on a page, combined with focused attention on a single object, have a Zen-like quality. In this workshop we will use the drawing process to clear a space for connection to the Sacred.

Sacred Geometry
In this workshop we will explore how shapes have evolved to have universal meanings through time and across cultures. We will discover the geometric connections between nature, art, architecture, music, and the cosmos.

Connections and Community
Many cultures historically arrived at their art forms through collective effort. Working collaboratively, we will explore our connections to each other and to the Universal.

Prayer Beads
In this workshop we will explore prayer, chanting, breath work, and the opening of Chakra energy through making our own prayer beads.

Creating a Personal Altar
In this final workshop we will explore our sense of self, our sense of “God”, and the kind of relationship we wish to create with the Sacred. We will design a personal altar that both embodies and energizes that relationship.

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