Haley Rae Martin Scholarship

The Haley Rae Martin Scholarship Fund was set up to assist aspiring teenagers with tuition. Scholarships are awarded by need, with preference being given to Teens.

If you would like to be considered for a scholarship to take a class or workshop please download this form, fill out and return to us for consideration. The school makes every effort to help those who love the arts.

Haley Rae Martin was a bit of a free spirit in the way she looked at life.  She was a sensitive, caring, creative and special young woman who enjoyed life and all who came in contact with her.  She had a great sense of humor and looked for the good in everyone and everything.

Ever since she was twelve years old, she loved to race around the lake in her Boston Whaler and feel the breeze in her face.  She liked to ski and board when she was younger and was a true terror on a four-wheeler.  She expressed herself in many creative ways and was most happy when she was doing the things she enjoyed, including beading, bracelet making, drawing, graffiti and photography.   She had a unique way of looking at things and many of her pictures had a special freshness despite the fact that she had no formal training … something that she was looking forward to getting at some point in the future.

Haley touched many people in her short life, more than we ever knew.  Her family and friends adored her and we all learned so much from her … there is a little piece of her now in all of us and our lives will be better because of that.  She will be sorely missed.

It is in Haley Rae’s memory that this scholarship fund was established with the hopes that it will help give at least a few young people the training that she was looking forward to getting before her life was cut so short.

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