A Sketchbook Visual Journey

A Sketchbook Visual Journey


A Sketchbook Visual Journey
Bobbie Herron
Saturday, May 19th
9am – noon

What if you could see the world through fresh enthusiastic eyes?
The humble sketchbook is the perfect tool for experimentation and discovery. Here you can sharpen your eyesight, open your heart, and uncover confidence beyond your imagination.  If you are a beginner or wish to acquire fearless sketching enthusiasm, this is the class for you.
In this class we will:
- explore the work of contemporary sketchbook masters from around the world
- observe demos in person and online, followed by time spent drawing together
- learn composition basics and explore the potential of your sketching tools  
- discover ways to explore seeing /drawing as meditation
Handouts will include descriptions of the class exercises and online resources to explore at home
Materials to bring:
- a sketchbook with heavy-weight paper (90#/190gsm or more) “Mixed Media” is good paper
- a small watercolor travel set with brush (humble is fine) and a pen
- water bottle, small cup, paper towels, open mind, and a willingness to be amazed at yourself!

 For questions about the class, call Bobbie Herron- 603-715-9152.

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